The process of personal self discovery leads us to the psychological quest every artist takes to obtain the self-knowledge. This then provides the urge to know who we are and who we might become based on our actions. In other words, our actions are what make us individuals. These actions and our process assist in physically determining the outcome of the image.

In my most of works, the reoccurring theme is identity. I question the notion of racial identity, whether it deals with questioning my own identity or the identity of an entire social group. As humans there is a habitual need of surrounding ourselves with others of color that dominant who we are physically and psychologically. I question this need and challenge not only myself as an artist but as woman of color. Color signifies a greater idea.  I want to embody color as both the subject and object.

I cannot imagine a world without color.  We are surrounded by it everyday. Color constantly changes before our eyes. It is impossible to see color by itself without it interacting with the surrounding. Color influences other colors differently. I am interested in the interaction between color and light. My initial focus is color and how each color reacts to one another and how light can suddenly transform color; whether it may be another tone or a completely different form. My central concept focuses on making color the subject. This is the key to each of my images.  To understand color I must experience for myself. Each image is apart of me, and whole they become the embodied me. I look at the process as a personal journey. Understanding that the power of color is important.  It can transport us to a spiritual or emotional state.  It is an overwhelming experience and often may be a transcendental experience. As an artist exploring the idea of color is quite an uncertain, anxious experience as well. Each image contains colors that were not predetermined. In the beginning, one color is chosen then it is built up or enhanced by another. The influencing color is prominent from the influenced color. Building up to reveal itself in a compositional visual space of pure expression.

Along the process of self-discovery, the idea of the personal discovery of the materials is prominent in my artistic quest. The initial stage of my work is to experiment and utilize simple subject matter (human figure and/or object) and to create sequential pieces consisting of the same materials. I investigate my work from two points of view ----- as a photographer and as sculptor. I construct sets with materials with or without a human figure, which I then photograph. I then utilize my understanding of color alongside the material. Thus creating the end product of the image.  

When it comes to photography, I always question what is the central idea and what is considered “photography”? As for my work, there is that notion of experimentation with photography. From the transformation of lens-based images to the camera less images of photograms, I am interested in what photography can provide. My attraction to the alternative processes fueled my goal of stripping the image completely of traditional aesthetically pleasing aspects and to discover the raw image itself. The image dominates, thus creating the artwork itself. This experience provides me, as the artist, the opportunity to view the process as the ideal form. My central concept of my work is the experimentation of color with reaction to light. As the artist, I want to document such moments. The concept leads me to the process that revels the image for what is, an image taken with a photographic process.